Ibrahim Celikkol in BeMan Magazine

From January 2018

This is an English translation of Be Man’s interview with Ibrahim Celikkol.  The original interview was posted in January 2018.  English translation courtesy of Vicky at Ibrahim Celikkol Addicted Greek Fans Facebook Group.

From the moment he entered the studio, he put all of us under his influence. In front of us there is an amazing man with stunning natural structure. Gentle, natural and very handsome. In his work he is highly dominant. He is so professional that the photo shoot lasted three hours. Ibrahim’s energy along with the team of Hakan (the styling editor) present these stunning photos and we assure you that they will be discussed a lot. He pierces with his amazing look which works inside of those who are in front of him. He is not a jeune premier (young lead) that we meet usually. He is a little withdrawn. He played many leading roles until now but this time he makes the difference. Now he is Ferhat in the phenomenon series of KanalD “Siyah Beyaz Ask”. He is a little mysterious, maybe unreachable, emotional, talented, respectful to his work and he is at the peak of his acting. He is beyond a real man. Ibrahim Celikkol: a familiar jeune premier. No need for more words.

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