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November 18, 2018 English Translation


İbrahim Çelikkol: I am head over heels in love!

He enjoys spending the remaining time left from the set in his own world. He loves being in nature, far from the glory of his profession. It’s enough, having his wife and his dogs next to him. He closes his ears to the praises of everyone for his physique: he says, “Image is important, but it loses its meaning if the inner world is empty.” We met with Ibrahim Çelikkol for the series “Muhteşem İkili”, which was released on Kanal D. We talked about fame, marriage and his relationship with nature.

*When I interviewed you for the first time seven years ago, I had a shy man in front of me. You’re a man who can’t walk comfortably on the street anymore. Did you expect that much?

It’s not easy to distinguish whether time is an illusion or the truth itself. I always had goals, but not expectations. When I look at it today, I see what time brought to me, I love it, and I’m thankful.

*You have always been in long lasting series such as “İffet”, “Merhamet” and “Kördüğüm.” Television is a challenging arena. What is your difference, that make people love you so much?

I’m also one of those people. I think being together with them brings us closer. They can find something from themselves in every character that I’ve played, just like me.

*Your outward appearance looks like “Rambo”. What kind of man lies under this image?

Being physically strong doesn’t mean you’re not emotional or fragile.

*Then tell me about Ibrahim, who is behind that image…

I would say that the sense of justice is very important to me. Every night I put my head on my pillow so that I can wake up to the next day as a new day.

*After losing your father when you were 18 years old, you grew up in an environment where women are dominant. How did that affect you?

I think I understand them very well. My grandmother, my mother, my sister are the most important people of my life. And then my wife… When you’re surrounded by women, you discover the delicacy of their feelings.

*You were a man who always drew attention?

I didn’t notice that much when I was younger, but I would say so, from the moment I realized it.

*How is the feeling to be one of the sexiest men in the country?

Difficult question (laughs). It would have been easier to say something if it was possible for a person to look at themselves from the outside.

*So, is this an advantage in acting, or is it a disadvantage that you have to prove yourself more?

That depends on how much you care. The image is of course important, but again it loses its meaning if the inner world is empty.

*Do you find yourself handsome?

I’m happy with myself when I look in the mirror every morning.

*What’s the most interesting compliment you’ve ever received?

“Oooh! Are you real?”

*You got married during your most popular period. Have you ever hesitated?

We’ve talked in the past that some decisions are the turning points of life. When I met my wife (Mihre Mutlu), I was sure that this was a turning point for me.

*How much in love you are?

I am head over heels in love.

*So, are you as passionate as your characters?

Is it possible to be love without passion?

*What does marriage means for you? What has changed in your life?

A lot of things in a positive sense. First, if you are friends with the person you married you have an eternal companion. I couldn’t believe anyone that said (marriage) puts your life in order. They should believe it!

*What is in the portrait of happiness you draw with your wife?

What’s not there? We enjoy being together, we have our dogs, our home, our friends, our families… We share so many memories, so many times and our dreams…

*We see you at least once undressed in the series you are playing. Does it bother you to get undressed on the screen even for the role?

That depends on what you’re actually comparing. If what you call a role reflects reality, undressing can be a part of it. And it’s not very disturbing to me.

*We used to see you partially dressed and with muscular male bodies in the series. Is that a rating thing?

I never thought of it that way. Nowadays, I don’t think people need series to see a good male body.

*You usually play tough, rebellious, macho characters. Is this your special choice?

It is not. I think this perception occurs by playing the same character a few times. On the contrary, I think that character diversity is an effective source of inspiration for an actor. Each different character gives birth to a new one.

*You’re handsome, you’re successful in your job, you have a happy marriage. Is your life that perfect?

I am living the daily stress and tiredness just like everyone. Of course, I’m not talking about the past. Today, because of my past, I can push through things that more firmly.

*Let’s get back to the beginning. Your father (Süheyl Çelikkol) was a national football player. How it that reflected in your life?

My father has always supported and encouraged me in sports, as in all things. I can see clearly today how lucky I was to be the son of a father like him. I miss my childhood years often. There was intimacy, togetherness and freedom in my childhood.

*You played basketball in Kocaelispor first, then you played in the Premiere League Oyakrenault. Then you went out on the field with the Junior National team. Full 15 years… Then what happened, and suddenly your career line changed?

Everything in life does not go as you have planned. Some turning points allow you to make decisions that determine your life. It was something like that for me. It was my turning point and a decision I had to make … I chose acting.

During the shooting, we are accompanied by Ibrahim Çelikkol’s 14-month-old Cane Corsa breed dog Joseph.

*According to you, what kind of man is the character Barca you’re portraying in “Muhteşem İkili?”

Barca is a risk taking man. Courageous, faithful to his teachings, respectful and emotional… In fact, we’re a lot alike. He’s my best friend currently.

*How about fighting scenes? How true are the scenes in the series?

The universe loves action. I like it, too. Although our fighting scenes in the shooting seem real, we do not support violence under any circumstances.

*What kind of duo you are with Kerem Bürsin?

We’re a spectacular duo. I’m so glad I worked with Kerem. We support each other with pleasure and determination with a common purpose.

İbrahim Çelikkol and Kerem Bürsin share the lead roles in “Muhteşem İkili” on Thursday at 8.00 pm on Kanal D.

*İbrahim Çelikkol spends his time in the woods at least two days a week. Because of this we promised to meet each other for a photo shoot in the forest area, that he calls “my secret place”.

*We’re following his vehicle with our car to a point. He says, “We need to “dive” into the woods now,” and he invites us to his own off-road vehicle. Despite the never-ending rain we cover the rough roads, and we end up in a deserted place full of green and oxygen.

*Çelikkol is trying to light a fire despite the rain. That is ambitious, I say, don’t bother, it won’t burn in this weather! He’s just smiling. He’s already lit a fire in the blink of an eye. About his decision to leave away from the city he says: “We get lost in that chaos. I guess I’m just some of the ones who cares about being alone. In nature you can hear your voice in the clearest way.”

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