Ferhat Aslan: A revolutionary character in the history of “Bad Boys”

Siyah Beyaz Ask is among the series we watched without fail! This mafia series has thousands of twists and turns. Cheating turning into cheating and tricks into tricks… The character of Ferhat Aslan is what draws our attention. On one side Ferhat Aslan is immersed in his own darkness and on the other side he has a merciful heart.

by Nihan Varlık February 7, 2018

Translation Courtesy of Affiliate İbrahim Çelikkol Addicted Greek Fans

Original Title: ‘Kötü adam’lıkta devrim yaratan dizi karakteri: Ferhat Aslan

Can we say that İbrahim Çelikkol is one of the “jeune premier” (young start) we are looking for? We can. I won’t say that he is a baby face jeune premier. İbrahim Çelikkol resembles the jeune premier type that we have seen in the old Turkish films because of the structure of his face and his attractiveness.

In the episodes his persona is identified with his surname (Aslan=Lion) roaring like a lion and he sheds tears that come out of his eyes with difficulty. What’s the difference between Ferhat and the usual “Bad Boy” characters we have watched so far?

Watching the first episodes, if you were asked a question, “How would you describe Ferhat Aslan” the answer would be: “stiff-necked”. He is a rebellious character but merciful at the same time.

No matter how much he loves, he tries not to love anyone or show love. Maybe this comes from his insecurity to be a protector and his failure to save the barber Necdet that he knew as his father. Perhaps deep down, he thinks that he would not be able to protect someone or a beloved one. Instead, he chooses this cold exterior and to live in his own darkness. Life forced him to close his eyes and his heart. In front of us there is the definition of the word “man”. He usually talks with short sentences. His speaking style is to say, “Go to sleep, dress up, just like that, there is no problem.” This way he escapes and avoids connecting with people.

But he cannot escape from the love he has for his only brother. The coldness of his brother (Prosecutor Yiğit) shows towards him pierces Ferhat Aslan deeply. We see this dynamic when they are together, when they have discussions or when something happens to one of them. When Ferhat was shot, Yigit tried to find out what was hidden behind it. We witness how Ferhat overpowers his uncle with tough words despite the problems it created for him in order to keep a promise he gave to his brother.

Although these two brothers look like enemies, when one of them puts aside his pride or stubbornness and opens-up for a hug, it results in an emotional outpouring. But, while two thirds of the human body is made up of water, they increase this rate even further by opting to shed the tears inside them.

Ferhat has no intention to be like a classic bad boy, one who tries to get revenge or look for revenge. Ferhat doesn’t think “I wonder who I could show my bad behavior to today”? Ferhat’s intention is to expose evil and to punish any bad guys. We can say that he has established his own justice system inside his bad character.

According to Ferhat Aslan, something happens because that is the way it is. This was the case until Asli entered his life and lightened his darkness. Although in the beginning he used to throw commands to Asli one after the other, after a while he softens.

Ferhat Aslan, who keeps all his feelings under control except his anger begins to change and expresses his feelings for Asli. After so much darkness, this bright person dazzles him a little and makes it easier for him to see the dust around him. We see how this kind-hearted bad guy struggles to protect Asli against his Uncle. His Uncle is really his own Father and the one who is the real source of the dust around him. Ferhat, who couldn’t open his soul now begins to express his feelings. Although he still proclaims it in his own way “I love you” to Asli. “ He said it. He said it and it’s over. There is no problem.

We see scenes of Ferhat who is forced to be bad while he learns to live a life of compromise during his adulthood. This differentiates him from the other bad boys, because he is not a man with no love inside him. He is a man who has been deeply affected by both his Mother and Uncle who used Ferhat’s love for his father to control him. That’s why in order to protect himself Ferhat is not so open to love. Will Ferhat, who is afraid of love, try to regain Asli who has left him? How far is he willing to go, we will see in the next episodes.

Ferhat Aslan is not inherently a bad guy. He is a bad guy who keeps his beloved ones away from danger, who brings peace to the people around him, who doesn’t want to possess anything that does not belong to him. He is a character who pays his way through the “diet” of his own life. Just for this reason alone, he is a revolutionary bad character in the history of “Bad Boys”.

But don’t worry, Ferhat Aslan, we always take you seriously…there is no problem.

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