The Celikkols in Finland: Under the Arctic Sky

March 27, 2019

Ibrahim and Mihre travelled to Finland to celebrate Mihre’s 30th birthday. The couple who have been married for 2 years now, enjoyed an extraordinary romantic getaway. Their accommodations at the Golden Crown – Levin Iglut is a unique family owned glass igloo village in Fell, Lapland. During their stay there they slept under the stars in their cozy glass igloo home. A view of the arctic starry sky during the Northern Lights ( Aurora Borealis ) season is something that is on every nature lover’s bucket list of things to do on a vacation.

Never too far away from nature and dogs, the couple enjoyed a dog sled ride and skiing at the local mountain.

Enjoy these photos which include photos that were shared by Ibrahim on his Instagram account.

For more information on their getaway place The Golden Crown-Levin Iglut

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