New Faces for Avon Turkey

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May 2019

AVON has just announced that they are proud to have Ibrahim join them as the new face for their men’s line of products. He will introduce the new Fullspeed Supersonic, a different genre of FullSpeed, one of Avon’s most popular fragrance lines.  This new men’s fragrance will be the main feature for the Avon 2019 catalogues.

The fragrance is designed with the “supersonic” notes of Vetiver, patchouli and cedar and is touted to last for 8-hours. Recent data published by Eurometer reports that Avon is the 6th most preferred women’s brand in the world. Also, Avon is the No. #1 direct selling brand in Turkey.

Sporting a smart aviator look for cover the July 2019 Avon Catalogues, Ibrahim looks stunning.

Actress Ezgi Mola will partner with İbrahim Çelikkol to promote AVON in Turkey.

Photo source: Original IG Story @ezomola May 28, 2019

Photo edit @gizlikalmasinmag

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