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He likes to spend his time outside of work in his own world and in nature. He doesn’t pay much attention to the compliments that he receives for his physique.

Although his appearance looks physically strong, he has fragile sides to him.

We met with Ibrahim Celikkol. We talked about Istanbul, nature and life.

Plus: You played basketball for Kocaelispor, then Oyak Renault in the first league. Later you went to the field with the Young National Team. Exactly 15 years… Then suddenly your career line changed. Why is that?

– Everything in life does not go as planned. Some milestones allow you to make decisions that determine your life. Let’s just say that it was something like that.

I reached a turning point and a decision had to be made. I chose acting.

Plus: You’ve been one of Turkey’s most popular actors in the last eight years. Has this success and fame ever scared you?

– Fame is deceptive. One wants to believe it’s real. It doesn’t scare you, but it can confuse you at the beginning. But it doesn’t take long for you to realize what the truth is.

Plus: Adjectives are used at the beginning of your name: “One of the sexiest men in Turkey”, “His series ratings break record ” , “a good wife”, “a good actor” … What is your secret to prevent sliding in the opposite directions?

– I’m a living person like everyone else. I prefer to disable my ego when such adjectives come into play. It’s not always easy. But it is becoming my greatest source of pride.

Plus: Is life as good as it looks from the outside? Don’t you have any drama?

– I can’t say drama or pain, but the daily stress and fatigue that everyone experiences happen in my life as well. Today, thanks to these experiences that give me balance.


Plus: You always have a very strong and tough stance from the outside. Can you tell us what’s behind this?

– Looking physically strong doesn’t mean you’re not emotional or fragile. I think everyone understands that (laughs).

Plus: Is being handsome and having a great physique an advantage in this profession, or is it a disadvantage that keeps you always proving your worth as an actor?

– It depends on how much you care about it. Image is of course important, but it doesn’t make sense unless the content supports it. So, I can’t say advantage or disadvantage. I use the part I have in my pocket and try to work on the substance.

Plus: How does it feel to see so much interest from women and to be one of Turkey’s most handsome men?

– This question is difficult to answer. It would have been easier to respond if you were a person who looked at yourself from the outside and saw yourself that way. For me, this is just what the visible part brings.

Plus: What, you never get spoiled?

– Of course, it does happen.

Plus: What should everyone try once in their lifetime?

– Anything they are afraid to do.

Plus: What moment would you choose if you had the chance to make a “tbt” in your life?

– Any time I spent with my father.

Plus: Something you did to avoid shame?

– I’m not shameful. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it because it is what I want to do.

Plus: A name you wish we could act with?

– Veteran Actor Sener Sen

Plus: What is your relationship with nature?

– It is essential to me.

Plus: You spend at least two days a week in the Belgrade Forest. How did you build your life there?

– Away from the crowd, the noise. I can stay alone with my family. I can breathe, it is my safe zone where I can listen to myself.

Plus: We know you love animals. How many animals do you have?

– I have a lot of animals, but I have two dogs that are my family members.

Plus: How do you see Istanbul?

– I admire its geographical traces, it’s beauty; a city that has created legends with its history.

Plus: What’s the most amazing thing for you?

– The chaos of this uniqueness.

Plus: What would you change if you had the chance to change something in Istanbul?

– Urban order can definitely change.

Plus: If Istanbul was a woman, how would you describe it?

– Civil, charming and striking.

Plus: What is the most striking location in Istanbul?

– My favorite is the Bosphorus. The history, the stories, fascinate me.

Plus: Is there anywhere you’ve never been to and wondered about?

– It changes every year. This year’s list is complete.

Plus: Where would you live without Istanbul?

– Palamutbuku; Datca.

Plus: Are you romantic or realistic?

– Both by time and place.

Plus: What does love mean to you?

– Unconditional love.

Plus: What if you saw Ibrahim, 20, today?

– Turn around, look at the world around you.

Plus: What do you say is surprising but true about your self?

– I’m overly picky about food.

Plus: Which feature surprises new people you meet?

– I think I’m sincere.

Plus: What did you learn last?

– That the 12-week-old baby is the size of a lime.

Plus: We know your interest in music. What music would you identify Istanbul with?

– Certainly, electronic music for today.

Plus: Why?

– Because today’s Istanbul is a bit aggressive.

Plus: What did you read last?

– Martı – Jonathan Livingston.

Plus: The movie you never get tired of watching?

– Armageddon.

Plus: What did you watch last?

– Bohemian Rhapsody.

Plus: Your indispensable piece in your closet?

– Leather jacket.

Plus: Where did you last shop and what did you buy?

– I did a grocery shopping. Does it count?

Plus: Name 3 indispensable applications in your phone?

– Spotify, Netflix, Navigation.

Interview Article: http://bit.ly/2WOzqLw

Photos: Muhsin Akgün

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