Baby Celikkol Arrives!

Congratulations to Ibrahim and Mihre Mutlu! The couple welcomed their first-born son Ali Celikkol on Dec 5, 2019.

CNN reports that Ibrahim did not leave Mihre’s side at all and the couple experienced all of the

emotions of childbirth together. Baby Ali is a strapping big boy… he came into the world weighing

9.59 lbs. and 51cm. in length.

Mihre’s friend wrote the beautiful note below for Mihre’s new born son.

My Ali, I waited for you through the hours, weeks, months… Far from my side, near to my heart I waited. I smelled you for many nights from the belly of my friend. I read fairy tales to your soul. I read poems while wishing for your birth before the sun. Wishing for your birth in the morning for you to see the light.

The couple were married on May 25, 2017.

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