Milliyet Magazine Interview Ibrahim Celikkol 01/02/2020 with Sercan Kismet

Stardom Is Not for Me

Ibrahim Celikkol, who has been a sought-after name in the industry for years said that stardom is not for him. The actor stated “I just want to do my job. I’m only an actor.”

Ibrahim Celikkol has returned to the screen with “Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir” after a brief break. The actor who cuddled his son Ali for the first time 2 months ago said “Our life and world has been completely renewed. You become a family and the amount of your responsibilities increase.” We talked with Celikkol about his series, the industry, and his family life.

What specifically in Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir attracted you to this series?

The fact that it is a true story which is adapted from a book captured me. The cast was so good too. I have been aspiring to work with Onur Guvenatam for a long time. He is successful, in my opinion, for the work he has done. And once I felt I could interpret this character when I read the script, I wanted to be a part of this series.

A book adaptation… Is it an advantage that the storyline is already decided?

I only wanted to know the beginning. If this was a movie, I would read the book. But I didn’t since I don’t prefer to know what comes on next episodes. Just as I do in my real life, I stay in the moment while I play. Curiosity keeps my energy high and keeps me dynamic.

Meanwhile, the first episode was broadcast. It made the “most talked about” list on social media in nine countries. Does it make you happy?

These aren’t some things that make me unhappy or happy. As an actor what interests me is the quality of the job and where it will lead to afterward. But of course, it makes us work happier on the set when this kind of thing happens for the project I am working on.

Do you mind the ratings?

Who does not? I check at the exact moment it is released. When I am content with the thing I do, it makes me upset if it gets bad ratings.

What is it like to work with Demet Ozdemir?

She is so talented. I enjoy working with her. I had not had the chance to watch her previous work. She is respectful and a very-good partner.

Why do you think no young-handsome-and-talented actor has emerged recently?

I do not think I have the right to comment on this. It is not something I have any knowledge of.

What does it feel like to be a star?

I do not connect with these things. Stardom is not for me. I just want to do my job. I am someone who performs his job – like a grocer selling mandarins or a tradesman service. I am only an actor.

You cuddled your son Ali for the first time in last December. What has changed in your life after you became a father?

I learned that it includes amazing emotions. This is indefinable. Of course, there are changes. Our life and world have been completely renewed. You become a family and the amount of your responsibilities increase.

Who does he resemble?

He resembles both Mihre and myself. May his soul, fate and luck be good. May he grow up healthy.

You live a natural life and do rafting which is a high-adrenaline activity. Do you think of giving up on them now you have a child?

Never! I will do it with my child once he grows up a bit. There is nothing dangerous in the way I live. This can only be called “passion for nature and breathing.” It is a preference.

You are in the upper part of the “The Most Handsome Men” list on social media. Does your wife get jealous?

She knows it is a part of my job. It makes my wife proud too that I am praised. She is never jealous.

Do you consider being a part of digital platform projects because of the 160-minutes duration of tv series?

You get tired but some things must be on tv. People watch those tv shows on their pads even while on vacation. 160-minutes is a hard system to work but we cannot change it by taking it one sided. For this, tv managers, producers, actors/actresses and the ministry must gather and argue. Or else, we must keep on working with these hard conditions.

How is the filming of Mest-i Ask is going?

We are almost at the end. It is the story of Mevlana and Shams. A beautiful project…

You had played in Fetih 1453 before. Do you prefer period dramas for silver screen?

When my expectations are met. I prefer if the conditions are good, if the production team values us and if making it has a benefit on my career.

Fetih 1453 made 5 million in the box Office. Does that have a responsibility?

Fetih 1453,is about the conquest of Istanbul… above all, the name of it is enough. That is why our people want to know how it was filmed and narrated. Turkish people love history. So, it is normal that the production was watched a lot.

What do you think about the social media?

I cannot use frequently. I do not spend time there. The people around me tell me once in awhile about some things that are written about me.

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