Update: Mest-I Ask film (Intoxicated by Love)

The much anticipated epic film “Intoxicated by Love” is expected to be ready to be shown by the end of the summer. Hassan Fathi’s film is in the post-production stages at this time.

The film is a story of Rumi the Persian poet, his friendship with Shams Tabrizi, the love he had for him, the great influence of Shams over him in his life, his poetry and his love for God.

Director: Hassan Fathi

Writers: Hassan Fathi, Farhad Tohidi

First Glimpse of the film Mest-i Ask


According to the public relations of “Masteeshgh”, the producer of this film, Mehran Boroumand, announced: The shooting of some short scenes has remained due to the outbreak of Corona virus, and will end as soon as Corona’s restrictions are removed and borders are opened. The film is also being edited by Sepideh Abdolvahab, and post-production technical work, including sound, will be done simultaneously in Turkey. Boroumand said: “According to the current situation, our forecast for the time of completion of the project, the end of the technical stages and reaching the ready stage of the screening is the end of summer, but the time of its release depends entirely on the screening situation in Iranian and world cinemas.”

However, this film is a joint product and should be screened simultaneously in Iran and Turkey. Regarding the involvement of Hassan Fathi in another project, Boroumand said: “According to our agreement with Mr. Fathi, he will be with the project until the end of the filming and will monitor the technical affairs and post-production stages until the end.”

“We usually make announcements when we have something important tp share ,” said the producer. When the state of the film in the world is not clear, why wait in vain? We are preparing the project, but the decision on the release date will be postponed until reopening and clarification of the state of the world’s cinemas, despite Corona’s restrictions.

Photos of cast:

Mevlana (Rumi) Parsa Pirouzfar

Shams Tabrizi: Shahab Hosseini

Ibrahim Celikkol plays the role of a commander “Iskender” (Alexander) and a devoted follower of Mevlana.

Kimya Hatun : Hande Ercel

Meryem : Bensu Soral

Article Source: The official IG page for Masteeshgh movie

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