They Are Back!! DEK Series

June 22, 2020

The return of the Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir (DEK) team to work after set social media ablaze with excitement. Three months off the set from the virus lock-down and everyone is ecstatic to see them again as they are eager to get back to filming.

Ibrahim Celikkol is back in character! An amazing transformation from just last week while he was on vacation in Maramaris with his family.

Back on the set Selfie: Ibo’s IG story

The DEK team has completed their first day of filming for the long-awaited Season 1 finale. They will continue to film more episodes that will be banked for Season 2 in case of a second wave of the virus. The air date for the season finale has not been announced to date.

Included here are just a sampling of all the photos that were shared on social media on their happy return to the set.

IG story: @steadycam_ferhat

Naz Göktan (Emine) right

Engin Hepileri (Farouk) center

Engin Hepileri (Farouk)

Naz Göktan (Emine)

Helin Kandemir ( Kibrit )

Incinur Dasdemir (Benal)

Hülya Duyar ( Sultan )

Incinur Dasdemir (Benal)

Video clip from the DEK set

Social media was lit up because of these first pics and there is a shared celebratory feeling. Our DEK team is back, we are thrilled to see them healthy and happy as we wait for their exciting next episode the season 1 finale. They never disappoint.

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