İbrahim Çelikkol: The biggest misconception about me

One of the most successful names in recent years. He describes his life as “Mine is a full story.” He loves the man he sees when he looks in the mirror every morning, but in his career, he does not hide behind his physique. He says his three indispensable values ​​are privacy, sincerity, and respect. At the start of his new series this season, we met and had a conversation with the new father İbrahim Çelikkol …

We meet on the set of the TV series (Dogdugun ev Kaderindir) in Balat. After his stage work, he was waiting for us in his trailer. We drink cold coffee and chat. He has a strong aura. Although he looks like he would be tough tempered, you catch the sensitive man in him the moment he smiles. We go to the streets of Balat for shooting. Everyone who sees him looks back. Those who want to take a photo, greet, and rejoice as if they have seen a friend, they have known for years … After the shooting, we discuss his life since his marriage.

You are 38 years old. What has changed in you and your view of life as you traveled in the 30s?

Our elders say, ‘A lot changes as we move forward, as we age, and as life flows. Your values, satisfaction, joys, and sorrows that make life meaningful all evolve over time. The meanings of all of them change for us.

All my dreams were related to basketball

How would you summarize the past 37 years? What is your story?

If I am this Ibrahim right now, if I can stay in a certain place in life as a result of certain preferences then I am very satisfied with this situation, the reason for this is the past 37 years. Mine is a full story. I find more than enough in whatever comes, the pluses and disadvantages, thank god.

If you saw Ibrahim in his 20s on the road, what would you say to him?

Never give up. If you do not stop, the universe will continue to work for you.

Your Father Suhayl Celikkol was a good soccer player. You too have grown up with sports …

My father was my biggest supporter. He always supported and encouraged me when it came to sports. After that, my basketball life started. My father always watched my matches in the front row. As such, sports have always remained an important place in my life under all circumstances.

You played basketball in Kocaelispor, OyakRenault. You are on the field with the Young National Team. At 15 years of age … Is it because fame seemed more attractive in those years that you transitioned to acting?

Actually, the life plan in my mind was completely different. All my dreams and desires were finally making it in basketball. But nothing in life is going the way you planned. Frankly, I was not aware of what fame is and how attractive it is in the years we mentioned. Mine was a turning point. I had an injury. And after this incident, I cast my vote in favor of acting.

Have you ever regretted your decision?

Never. I love my job and I start every new job with excitement.

I grew up experiencing the subtleties of the female soul

What is the turning point in your life?

My father’s death.

After you lose your father at the age of 18, you grow up in an environment dominated by women. What did those women teach you?

My grandmother, my mother and my sister became the most important people in my life. And then my wife … When you grow up with so many women, you learn to read them more accurately. I also think that since I grew up with the subtleties of the female soul, I was able to empathize with them much more easily.

I would like to end all kinds of violence

◊ What is the biggest misconception about you?

Perception of being macho left over from the characters I played. Of course, the fact that I look strong physically and portray tough characters creates misperceptions. The delusion is that I could never be fragile and emotional. However, it is not so.

◊ What are your most important values ​​in life?

Privacy, sincerity, and respect are essential.

◊ If you had a chance to do one thing about humanity, what would it be?

I would like to end all types of violence.

◊ How does a day go when you are not working?

We enjoy the day out in nature with my family and spend time with our friends. In our daily life, we get lost in the chaos of the city and we cannot even notice it. I realize this and hide in nature whenever I find the opportunity. There is something in nature that is good for me. I can listen to myself.

Feelings when he first held his son, Ali.

Your son is nine months old. How did you feel when you first held him?

My feelings were so deep from his tiny body. When I took him in my arms, it is as if time stopped, everything else became meaningless. It is such an indescribable feeling that I cannot put it into words.

Why did you name your son Ali?

I carried the name Ali in more than one character that I played. I liked the name more each time.

How did it feel to be a father?

Being a father is a very sacred thing. I am trying to be worthy of it too. I am growing, changing, and transforming as I witness him growing up from moment to moment. Nowadays I am more compassionate, more peaceful, and more attentive.

Are you one of the fathers who changes their baby’s diapers and feed them?

Of course, I am. If I am home that day, I spend a lot of time with Ali. We go to sleep together and eat together. We go to the father-son park. I devote that day to him as much as I can. They grow so fast; I do not want to miss a moment.

What is the first advice would you give your son the future?

I say, “Dream son, and believe that your dreams will come true.”

How will you raise your son as the father of a boy when the news of violence against women is so popular?

I do not think this is related to a method or chain of rules. As no form of violence will be accepted, people’s blood freezes when it comes to women. The child takes what you give him and is shaped by what he sees around him. My son Ali was born in a house dominated by peace, understanding and compassion and continues to grow with these values. I am sure he will keep the same values ​​when he grows up and becomes an adult.

The interest and admiration I see is part of my profession

◊ How did you become one of Turkey’s most attractive men?

I love the man I see every morning when I look in the mirror. But I am not very interested in that.

◊ How possible is it for a man to be sane in the face of this much attention?

This interest, admiration is part of my profession.

◊ Honestly, what was the impact of good looks on your career?

The more the effect of image is important in my career, the more the impact of handsome is on my career.

Appreciation is an important source of motivation

◊ You have always been in long-term jobs that are watched a lot on the screen. What is your secret?

I try to convey my experiences in the characters I play in their truest form. It makes us proud to be rewarded in this way. Getting people’s appreciation and being loved is an important source of motivation. But you also have to believe that you are doing your job well. To do this, you need to work, study, work … You need to work non-stop for what you want.

No difficulty can beat love

◊ “Your Home Is Your Destiny” has started the new season on TV8. Are there any sides of the Mehdi that you feel are close to who you are?

Mehdi’s paternal attitude, his family’s role as the father because he lost his father at an early age is one of the sides, I see as close to who I am.

◊ We see two loves from different classes in the series. Do you think love listens to status?

No difficulty can beat love.

◊ How did you become a duo with Demet Özdemir?

I am very happy to be working with Demet. A talented, disciplined, and hardworking partner. We work with mutual respect and love and with pleasure.

Love leads a man to the good, the beautiful, the right

How has love changed shape over the years since you have been together?

Love gives way to unconditional love. This is also the most precious.

What is the secret to a happy marriage?

Love, respect, tolerance.

Women have a big impact on the lives of successful men. How much support is Mihre to you?

My wife is my biggest supporter. Even so, sometimes she thinks of me more highly than I do. Her support gives me strength. It is what makes us a family.

If we divide our life into before and after Mihre. How does love effect a man?

You know, women are emotionally stronger than men. I am sure you can directly distinguish a man whose life has been touched by a woman. If love is also involved, the transformation takes place much faster. Love leads a man to what is good, what is beautiful and what is right.

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İbrahim Çelikkol: The biggest misconception about me


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