Ibo’s New Netflix Series

Ibrahim Celikkol will be starring in a new Netflix series scheduled to air in December, 2021. In Kus Ucusu or Bird in Flight Ibrahim or Ibo as he is affectionately known, will be reunited with his Siyah Beyaz Ask co-star Birce Alkalay. The series which is produced by Ay Yapim tells of the collision between generation X who are currently in positions of power, and the new generation Z. As generation X tries to understand the new world of social media and new ways of doing business, they miss the actual change.

Akalay plays the role of Asli, a professional who attempts to fly through life instead of relying on the virtue of hard work. Celikkol takes on the role of Kenan, her former lover. The series questions whether these new approaches and perspectives are sufficient to take one to the top.

The series which was written by Meric Acemi, the creator of Ask 101 includes Miray Daner (Vatanim Sensin) and Irem Sak (Cukur) in the cast and completed filming in June of this year. The series will have 8 episodes and according to the official Instagram site, is anticipated to be released in December of this year.

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