Dogdugun Ev Kaderinder

(The Home Where You Are Born Is Your Destiny)

TV Series: 2019 –

Character: Mehdi

Dogdugun Ev Kaderinder is an adaptation of a true story based on a novel written by Dr. Gülseren Budayicioglu. The premise of the story is the house where you were born ultimately affects who you love and who you marry.

The series explores the answer to one of the greatest and deepest inquiries of humanity, “Can a person change their destiny?”

Mehdi (Ibrahim Celikkol) and Zeynep (Demet Ozdemir),  the two protagonists in the series, will bring a legend of tough love to the screen.  Mehdi and Zeynep, who suffered a great deal as children, are in a difficult life struggle and their souls are full of wounds they suffered as children.  These two wounded souls together will find a sense of belonging. 

Story of Rumi (Mevlana), his friendship with Shams Tabrizi, the love he had for him and the great influence of Shams over him in his life, his poetry and his love for God.

Ibrahim Celikkol will play the Seljuk commander “Iskender” ( “Alexander” ).

Alexander is a commander loyal to his state and principles, strong-minded and at the same time proud and honorable, who has buried the love of his youth in his heart. After meeting with Mevlana, he is giving the biggest fight to himself by experiencing great contradictions in the path of wisdom of love.

Mest-i Ask

(Intoxicated By Love)

Film: 2020

Character: Iskender

Muhteşem Ikili (Magnificent Duo)

TV Series: 2018 – 2019

Character: Mert Barca

Muhteşem Ikili, a powerful and colorful police drama, is an adaptation of the movie Tango and Cash. 

Mert Barca (Ibrahim Çelikkol) and MKC (Kerem Bürsin) long standing rivals, come together to defeat a common enemy in a drug operation. 

Barca is mourning the tragic loss of his wife, and MKC is separated from his ex-wife and cannot get the love of his life out of his mind. Barca and MKC will struggle to work together to take over their enemies while trying to mend their wounds in their private lives.


A doctor who has devoted her life to healing others encounters a cold-blooded killer with a wounded past. What happens when the woman who saves lives is captured by the man who takes them? Ferhat Aslan (Ibrahim Çelikkol) and Asli Çinar (Birce Akalay), both compelling actors, work together naturally to bring this story of contrasting characters together in an unforgettable love story.

Siyah Beyaz Aşk (Black and White Love) 

Series: 2017 -2018

Character: Ferhat Aslan

Kordugum (Intersection)

TV Series: 2016

Character: Ali Nejat

This drama is a love story set against the backdrop of Istanbul’s magnificent and ruthless new face where money, success and power talk.

Ali Nejat Karasu (Ibrahim Çelikkol) is a former race-driver and a playboy turned into a businessman. He runs Karas Holdings which is part of a group his father built while making a fortune in ship building. Naz (Belçim Bilgin) who is a paediatrician loses her baby during pregnancy. Even though her husband wants another baby, she refuses to go through the same thing all over again. She goes to Italy for a conference and meets Ali Nejat there.


It’s a true story about Turkish soldiers last 32 hours in Seddülbahir in Çanakkale during the First World War.

On the morning of the 25th of April, the first day of Çanakkale land battles, the 1050-strong Mehmetçik commanded by Major Mahmut Sabri resisted Sedofanir for 32 hours without any help or support against the superior enemy units. He stopped the advancing of the enemy. The series Seddülbahir 32 hours focuses on the story of these heroes.

Seddulbahir 32 Saat (Seddulbahir 32 Hours)

Mini Series: 2016; 4 Episodes

Character: Mehmet Çevus

Reaksiyon (Reaction)

TV Series: 2014

Character: Captain Oguz

The head of Intelligence and Undersecretary of the Prime Minister have formed a new team to prevent further incidents against the state. Two people are chosen as leaders for the task. Captain Oğuz (Ibrahim Çelikkol) and Captain Tekin. Oğuz is a burgundy beret and has been successfully involved in dozens of operations.  His partner is a fearless police officer who is part of the Prime Minister’s protection unit. Can the pair who already have a history together come together to be successful against the enemies of the state?

(Ibrahim Çelikkol) Ali and (Belçim Bilgin) Hazal, star in this very tender and emotional story.

It is a story of a passionate love between a former boxer and a beautiful woman with blindness. A raw and romantic Turkish Drama of love and sacrifice.

Sadece Sen (Just You)

Film: 2014

Character: Ali


Merhamet (Mercy)

TV Series: 2013 – 2014

Character: Firat Kazan

Adapted by Nat Doul from her novel Kahperengi. It stars Özgü Namal and İbrahim Çelikkol. Set in 1996, it tells the story of Narin, who is a lawyer in Istanbul.

Narin is a girl from a poor family with an abusive alcoholic father. Struggling against family pressure to quit school, she escapes to the big city. Through dedicated study she becomes a successful lawyer. She makes friends with a rich girl, Deniz, but faces difficulties when Firat, her first love, reappears in her life, engaged to Deniz’s sister.

A dramatic story of love, passion and revenge… The young and beautiful Iffet lives in one of the older and more modest neighborhoods of Istanbul. She is deeply in love with Cemil (Ibrahim Çelikkol), a taxi driver at the local taxi station. Iffet dreams about the day when Cemil will propose to her. In fact, Cemil does not want to marry Iffet yet as he has bigger plans. One day he will be rich, so rich that he can leave the middle-class neighborhood and live an exotic life elsewhere. As Iffet continues her clandestine relationship with Cemil, he starts pushing her about sharing her bed before they marry. One unfortunate day, during the wedding of Iffet’s best friend Serpil, Cemil’s action will change the course of their lives. When Iffet is left with nothing through the hands of the man she loves, her one goal is revenge, but will her temptation for revenge be stronger than her love for Cemil?

Iffet (Chastity)

TV Series: 2011 – 2012

Character: Cemil

Fetih 1453 (Conquest 1453)

Film: 2012

Character: Ulubatli Hasan

Ottoman Empire Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror plots to conquer Constantinople and bring about the downfall of the Roman Empire in this historical epic from director Faruk Aksoy (Yesil Isik). For 1,500 year the Roman Empire has flourished. Though many have tried to invade the Byzantine fortress, the massive walls protecting the city have made it virtually impenetrable. Ascending to the Ottoman throne following the death of his powerful father, 19-year-old Fetih Mehmed vows to succeed where all others have failed. Over the course of the next two years, Fetih plans his elaborate invasion as astute Emperor Constantine assembles a powerful league of allies to defend the Imperial city. Later, on the night of April 1st, 1453, the citizens of Constantinople fill the streets to celebrate Easter as Fetih leads an army of thousands right to the city gates. Before the sun rises the following day, a new chapter of history will be written, and a new empire born.

Ulubatlı Hasan (Ibrahim Çelikkol) was in the service of Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire who achieved legendary status as a heroic Turkish martyr at the successful Siege of Constantinople. He was born in a small village called Ulubat in the province of Bursa.

This series tells the story of Halit Karadağ and his sons, shedding light on the difficult years of poverty and misery among the Ottoman luxurious periods. In this story of Payidar, a fictional village, there are struggles, family relations, love, loyalty, beliefs in the abyss between the wealthy lords of the village and the lives of the poor people. 

Karadaglar (Montenegro)

TV Series: 2010 – 2011

Character: Gülali Karadag

Keskin Bicak (Sharp Knife)

TV Series: 2010; 8 Episodes

Character: Mithat

Mithat (Ibrahim Celikkol) works for the mafia. Mithat and his friend were both in love with the same woman, Asli (Hande Dogandemir).  Due to his deep friendship and unconditional love for his friend, Mithal gave up his love for Asli.

He planned to return Bursa and start anew with another woman named Cetin who was aware of his past love story.


In a routine operation Istanbul Narcotics Major Shamil Baturay (Ibrahim Celikkol) , catches a drug baron that is dying. This action story is about how several investigations leads the Major to uncover a connection between drug money and a Terrorist organization.  Intertwined in this story is a love between Shamil and Zülüf, who work together, are from different racial backgrounds,  and their struggles to be together.

Pars: Narkoteror

TV Series: 2008

Character: Samil Baturay